Sunday, April 4, 2010

For that a screen is not only enough, perhaps a miniature version as the Mimo 720-S, of the Nanovision, either a good one. E the thing alone improves when you discover that it istouchscreen.

The monitor of 7 counts has resolution of 800 for 480 pixels, contrast of 400:1 and brightness of 350cd/m ². It still counts on a system of support practical to facilitate the use in any same place, since, for the size, either a good one for using it in partnership with one notebook. Closed, it he hides the screen he protects and it of risks.

As the screen is sensible to the touch, of pra to use as screen auxiliary of any thing. In the Photoshop, to transform it into one paleta of colors would be interesting, not? It connects itself to the computer saw USB and believes that for its weight, 450 grams, of pra to take the Mimo 720-S to any place. It already is for sale in U.S.A. for 230 dollars.


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