Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lenovo brings up to date multitouch of tablet X200

Empolgada with the táteis resources of Windows 7, the Lenovo announced the launching of its new version of tablet ThinkPad X200. The devicewill inaugurate the applicatory SimpleTap, directed toward the resource has multitouched.

The new X200 comes equipped with Intel processor the 2 Cores Duo, hard disk of up to 500 GB and screen has multitouched with 400 luminosity of cd/m2. It already is for sale in the site of the Lenovo with prices of 1 654 and 1 704 dollar.

The applicatory SimpleTap could be lowered, in the same site, from 22 of October.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sony Ericsson Pureness will be “emblematic”

Sony Ericsson is for launching the Pureness, cellular with design incomum, translucent screen and configuration not so empolgante. E, according to proper company, it will not be made for all the mortals.

Month passed, some images and few information on the device already had invaded the Internet. Cellular, although its translucent screen, does not have Wi-Fi, GPS, sensible screen to the touch and all these things that smartphones if debtors feel to have. Now, according to reviewed Brand Republic, that interviewed Cathy Davies, the director of marketing of Sony Ericsson, the Pureness comes there.

Cathy counted to the magazine that the cellular one will start to be vendido in November for 530 pounds in the Selfridges, an English department store, and “store of design”. If not yet it gave pra to understand what it wanted to say, the complete director saying that the Pureness is “a cellular one for an emblematic niche, does not stop the mass market”. It must be therefore that the spreading images were full of estilosa people.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ProBook 5130m, of the HP, is finishes, but powerful

For who it found very heavy the Envy line for the pocket, the HP also announced the ProBook 5310m, that the company more swears to befinishes notebook of high perfomance of the world.

The explanation is simple: this laptop of 13 counts has 2,2 centimeters of thickness. We already saw great disputes of scale with the Adamo, the MacBook Air, the future Vaio X, but the majority of them not empolga in the configuration. Already this magrelo of the HP can even come with the 2 Cores Duo, something impossible for the other anoréxicos.

The ProBook has a beautiful finishing in black color and starts to be vendido in U.S.A. day 22 of September, with labels of 699 dollars and Windows 7 twirling.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Notebook HP Envy comes with Core i7 and Windows 7

The line premium of notebooks of the HP finishes to gain reinforcement. 15 ENVY star the new processor Core i7, of Intel, and already comes daily pay-loaded cMAC Windows 7. More reinforcement that this still is for being born.

With screen of 15,6 counts, HP ENVY 15 has 2,5 centimeters of thickness and weight of 2,34 kilos. That is, not so lean and it has led as the HP propagates for there. But, also nor so it is weighed to the point to justify vacation of the academy. It is capable to shelter two SSDs and graphical technology ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4830 with 1 GB of dedicated memory of video.

The version most modest of the line is ENVY 13 that “only” it comes with an Intel processor the 2 Cores Duo, screen of 13 counts with 410 cd/m2 and battery of up to 18 hours.

With this jeitão of MacBook, notebooks ENVY 15 and 13 e1699 will be available from 18 of October for the 799 prices of 1 respectively. But, for the time being only in the side north of the continent.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Philips creates mouse Frankenstein with touchpad

Following the trend of wanting to please all the public or the after-modern craze of being plural, Philips manufactured one there mouse pra of Frankenstein: it is at the same time one mouse Bluetooth, USB and has touchpad.

This exactly, my people. If you to be entendiado with a free wire table, will be able to connect the SPM9800/10 (as it was baptized, so far) to its computer you saw USB. Vice E turns.

Friday, April 23, 2010


THE SONY PlayStation comes in a few forms, but one new model could revolutionise the way its fans play and buy games.

The PSPgo is the most radical change to the PlayStation Portable since its arrival in 2005.

The games machine, due in stores on October 1, is not only alarmingly smaller and lighter than its predecessors, but it now has a slide-out panel for game controls, compatibility with wireless headphones, new controls, and software to transfer your music, videos and photos to it.

But the PSPgo also features one fundamental change: it has no room for game discs or cartridges. This slender machine instead has a 16GB memory for players to fill with game downloads.

So will hand-held gaming fans go for the new Go system? Connect secured an advance issue of the new mini console and put it to the test.

Small form
PLAYSTATION Portable fans have seen the PSP shrink in size before.
Sony shaved 19 per cent off the original model in 2007, and added a microphone and screen brightness to the hand-held console last year.

The PSPgo, however, is not an incremental makeover. Side by side, the two machines look like brothers of different ages.

Sony says the new PSP is 43 per cent lighter than before, and at 158g it is only as heavy as some smartphones.

But the most immediately noticeable change is to its form. The PSPgo looks at least a third smaller than its predecessor and it has a footprint similar to an iPhone. It now genuinely slips into a pocket for easy travel.

The new form is not just smaller, though. Like a mobile phone, its screen slides up to reveal game controls. Thankfully, the new PSP has such a solid build this addition does not feel flimsy.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It is for arriving in U.S.A. new a cellular one of Samsung for who wants to contribute with the environment. E Samsung Reclaim, green in allthe aspects, is not so basic thus.

If you to give one looked in boards today, you will see green the new INFO on gadgets. There, you will see that we test the Motorola W233, that, exactly being friend of the nature, you are cellular an extremely simple ones and with few resources. Already Samsung Reclaim has keyboard QWERTY, connection 3G, camera of 2 MP and Bluetooth 2.0.

To be green, the cellular one has 80% of materials recycle - no word on the others 20% - does not come with manual printed matter and the ink of the box is made the soy oil base. It can come in the colors blue or green. We believe that second he will venderá more.

Another good part is that, at least in U.S.A., the Reclaim goes to arrive baratinho. In a contract of two years with the Sprint, you it takes for house the cellular green for 50 dollars. That is, of the one to be friend of the nature and not to spend as much money thus.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New gadget of the Parat's Parasync is one of these annihilators of handles and possibly friend of the DJs. This station of recharge iPods connects 20 at the same time.

Beyond the easiness to recharge of a time 20 iPods without being running behind the bendito white handle, all the hardwired devices appear listed for you in iTunes. That is, it forgets the CDs or vinyl records, its setlist for a party will be all making in iPods.

It connects iPods nano of the fourth generation, iPod Touch, iPod Classic and iPhones. The problem is that in the hour to buy, you will have that to specify that connecting wants, since the Parat Parasync does not use a universal connector of iPods.

Users of PC also cannot commemorate very. The mark says that the station alone functions right in Macs, alleging that the PCs has difficulties with the excess of connections, causing errors in entrances USB. For sadness, no signal of price was informed.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vaio X weighs half MacBook Air

For who notebook to be lighter and estiloso of what the MacBook Air found impossible one, Sony disclosed, during the IFA, its new notebook ofthe Vaio family, Vaio X. and believes, it more obtains to be finishes, lighter minor and.

Vaio X scares of so finishes. While the MacBook Air has 1,9 centimeter of thickness and the Adamo has 1,6 centimeter, new notebook of Sony obtains to live in anoréxicos 1,4 centimeter. In the part of the weight, while magrelo of Dell has 1,8 kilo and the Air has 1,3 kilo, Vaio X obtains to have incredible 680 grams. But calm there, as this is possible?

Some points of this new notebook can explain so great the slightness. First: different of the cited competitors above that they have 13,3 counts of screen, Vaio X has screen of 11,1 counts. Another decisive factor is its construction in carbon fiber. E an important final detail is that Vaio X transits between netbook and notebook. Beyond the reduced size of screen, it will have to twirl with Atom processor, something not very empolgante - it is alone to remember the result of Vaio P.

Sony also promises a duration is of the common standards for the battery of Vaio X. To have an idea, the staff of Sony arrived to use the term “battery of one day entire”. The price of the newness is a mystery, and all we fear the high quão it can be. In more, Vaio X must arrive in U.S.A. in October, twirling Windows 7.

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From the week that comes, the Japanese will be able to estrear plus a habit of the future - to make of its stock market (or knapsack)a true generating plant of energy. It is that the Sanyo will launch the Eneloop Solar Portable.

The device of 17,4 per 20,4 for 2,6 centimeters loads solar silicon cells. It has battery with capacity of 2 500 mAh. In accordance with the manufacturer, the efficiency of energy production varies as the conditions of the environment, but it can recharge gadgets small, as cellular.

The price not yet was divulged, but it must no longer arrive at the Japanese store beginning of the next week.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

The wave of the Twitter infected the British manufacturer of cellular telephones INQ. In partnership with the desenvolvedores of ocial nets, it finishes to launch two models of telephones that pack a applicatory one for the Twitter, the INQ Chat 3G and the INQ Mini 3G.

Measuring 11,4 for 6,1 for 1,2 centimeters, the INQ Chat 3G has screen of 2,4 counts, camera of 3,2 MP and keyboard QWERTY. It comes with inlaid GPS and 120 MB of memory, that can be expanded up to 8 GB.

The INQ Mini 3G, in turn, packs, in its 10,2 for 4,5 for 1,2 centimeters, screen of 2,2 counts and camera of 2 MP. It possesss 100 MB of memory that also can be expanded up to 8 GB.

Both come with applicatory to Facebook, Skype and, as already mentioned, Twitter. They must arrive at the European market in the last quadrimestre of this year. The price not yet was divulged.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

With the launching of Windows 7 each time more close, Microsoft showed to a new line of mouse and keyboard. As it was madeespecially for the users of the new operational system.

The keyboard counts on some interesting keyboard keys who to want shortcuts in Windows 7, as of favourites person or thing of taskbar. Thus, you create a row of numbers that correspond to each item of taskbar. Practical, not?

Moreover, the keyboard has that one design all modern and seems to have an excellent finishing. E mouse is not of is, logical, without wire and with transceiver of 2,4 GHz. The pair starts to be vendido in U.S.A. this month for 80 dollars.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Month at the American store, the BDP-CX7000ES MegaChanger, considered mustarrive in this top enters players of Blu-Ray of Sony.

With the proposal to organize its collection of films, this royalty of Blu-Ray to player is capable to store and to touch up to 400 archives of Blu-Ray, DVD or COMPACT DISC. Equipped with the Gracenote technology, the system automatically saved information of the film as managing, synopsis, heading and year.

Moreover, the MegaChanger wheel films in 1080p, with audio entrance of analogical of 7,1 canals. It has entered HDMI and makes upscaling of DVDs. The device also comes with integrated Wi-Fi.

It will be available in the United States for the price of 1 900 dollar still this month. Not yet he has forecast of the arrival of it in Brazil.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The USB Unifying Receiver, of the Logitech, is ideal for who has few available doors USB, wants to connect all the peripherals ofa time and also it does not like very it Bluetooth.

The newness, of the size of a currency, is a simple and direct adapter: working with the keyboard wireless K350 and K340 and with mouses without wire M705 and M505 - obviously all of the Logitech and announced today also - the teeny one is ideal for notebooks and netbooks with few doors, small touchpads and keyboards.

Each new mouse and keyboard will come with the adapter. For 50 dollars, you it can choose between a keyboard (K340) or one mouse (M505). The other keyboard (K350) will leave for 60 dollars, while mouse bacana (M705) will cost 70 dollars. This only in the month that comes in the Europe or 2010 in America. We wait.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Images, information, details, until a name. The mysterious Tablet of Nokia, now baptized of N900, seems to be each time more próximo of being launched.

The format of possible tablet remembers the N97, with a keyboard slide, sensible screen to the touch and 5 camera of megapixels with lenses Carl Zeiss. It must also have an entrance for microSD and an exit for TV, according to site Mobile Review.

Tablet will use the operational system Maemo, leaving of side the Symbian S60. The interface of new Maemo 5 received one covers to be more brought up to date and pretty of what its predecessor. It does not have signals of when it will start to be vendido, however, the expectation is great.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

For the cinéfilos that they are needing plus a house placing the quantity of films, the 4 Home-e wants to facilitate its work andto place its films and its musics in one alone product, the Kaleidescape.

The newness seems to be simple: it is alone to place the DVD or the COMPACT DISC measured in it to center that automatically it copies the media for its internal HD of 2 Terabyte. Then it connects to the Internet and low all the information of the media, as layer, synopsis etc. To have an idea, it obtains to store about 1 800 films twirling in 1080p for upscaling and 20 a thousand musics.

All modern owner of one design, the Kaleidescape also counts on a remote control with sensible screen to the touch and is possible to configure one iPhone or iPod Touch to make the function of the control. It also has exit HDMI, however not yet Blu-ray reads.

E the staff of the cinema and music likes this? Good, it are there, the studios had entered with an action against the Kaleidescape, having accused the company to facilitate the improper copy of DVDs. In 2007 the mark was successful, but in the last week the appeal of the studios was accepted. Valley to say that it is only possible to store original CDs and DVDs in the Kaleidescape.

Leaving this of side, the Kaleidescape pleases any one, imagines. But its price is to scare: this way it will be for sale from 41 a thousand Reals. This exactly, my friends. But, according to 4 Home-e, as it can be used by some people at the same time saw net, can be one measured to center of a condominium, for example. But you will have there to convince the neighborhood that valley the penalty if to undo of the physical media.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sony swallows pride and launches amplifier for iPod

Strange È, but Sony finishes to place in the market itsamplifier for products of Apple, reads iPod and iPhone.

Taking care of for the acronym SRS-GD50iP, the conventional equipment with design (I know, vocês already if had accustomed to those dock berths with unusual jeitão) it has power of 60 watts and remote control. The audio one is of 2.1 canals and it USB has entered, that facilitates in the hour to amplify the sound of its PC.

The amplifier of audio of Sony must arrive at the United States with prices between 150 and 199 dollars.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The catalogue of products of the Megaware will be, says, more clean. At least, in design of its Meganetbook AT Series, primeirnetbook of the company.

With screen of 10 counts, the ultraportable one of 2,9 centimeters of thickness of the Megaware has processor Intel Atom N270, memory RAM of 2 GB and 250 GB of hard disk.

It comes with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi G, two entrances USB, entered VGA and one webcam fraquinha of 0,3 MP. This way, it exhibits labels of 1 599 Reals.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Imagined for designer Seunghan Song, the Window Phone goes to help youto recognize the climate without having that to open the window of its room. This is, if some company to obtain to discover a mirabolante solution to take off it of the paper.

Constructed with a transparent and fine plastic, the Window Phone is “clean” in sunny days and humid when it has rain. The screen is sensible to the touch. But, if you to want to become its SMS a little more human, you are enough to assoprar the cellular one. In the hour, it he will be embaçado and you he will be able to write “by hand”.

The Asus will start to vender in the Europe a PC everything in one. The Eee Top ET2002T if becomes plus a combatant in the new war PCs-that-remembers-the-iMac forthem.

The Asus already had a PC everything in one in its line, but this seems more powerful and headquarters of victory in the war. On the inside, the Eee Top ET2002T has processor Atom 330 of 1,6 GHz, 2 GB of memory RAM, 250 of HD and the platform Ion for the graphical part.

For it are, a sensible screen of 20 counts to the touch with resolution of 1 600 for 900 pixels, a recorder of DVD and an exit HDMI. It starts to be vendido in the Europe in the next weeks for about 600 euros, something next to 1 500 Reals.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Super fertile, the PowerShot family of Canon finishes to increase its offspring with six new cameras: G11, S90, SX20 IS, SX120 IS, SD980 IS and SD940 IS. The G11, photo above, will substitute the G10. It has resolution of 10 MP, LCD of 2,8 counts, zoom optic of 5 times and system Dual Anti-Noise. She must arrive at the market in October with price of 499, 99 dollars.

The S90 also has resolution of 10 MP, but it comes with a short while bigger LCD, of 3 counts, zoom optic minor of 3,8 times and lower price also - 429,99 dollars.

SX20 IS takes off the breath with its megazoom of 20 times and capacity to record 720 videos of pixels with speed of 30 frames for second. It has resolution of 12,1 MP and display of 2,5 counts. Everything for the price of 399,99 dollars. Already modest SX120 IS, that costs 249,99 dollars, has resolution of 10 MP, LCD of 3 counts, zoom optic of 10 times and feeding for alkaline stacks.

In four different colors, compact SD980 Has 12.1 MP, sensible screen to the touch of 3 counts, way of writing in 720p and zoom of 5 times. Its relative next, SD940 IS alone is different in the size of the normal screen, 2,7 counts and in zoom of 4 times. They will be vendidas, respectively, with labels of 329,99 dollars and 299,99 dollars

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Lenovo disclosed to way Twitter three new products. Between them, the Nettop Q110 is what more flame the attention for the miniature size and the use of the graphical platform Ion, of the NVIDIA.

Beyond it I appeal for the part the size, with 1,7 centimeters of thickness, placing the newness in the panteão of the PCs finest of the market, the Q110 will not leave to desire in the hour of the videos. With the Ion, it obtains to twirl in good a great part of the games and the videos. Even therefore, an exit HDMI of 1080p consists in magricelo.

In the remaining portion of the configuration, the Q110 is stops backwards if comparative with the version of the proper NVIDIA, that already passed this way, it remembers? The version of the Lenovo has 2 GB of memory RAM and 250 GB of HD, while already the Brazilian Ion has 3 GB of RAM and 250 GB.

It also has one design descoladinho, and there he depends if you like or not these drawings. There it are, the Q110 starts to be vendido in U.S.A. for 349 dollars.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

After almost one year of rumors, ugly images and liars, Sony became officer its new version of the PS3, with beautiful explicativas images. This, my expensive, is the PS3 Slim.

The waited newness calls the attention for the format. Exactly with that one design modern of the PS3, this lesser and classuda version of the PS3 Slim pleases the majority. With 32% less of size and 34% less of expense of energy, it will have 120 GB of internal HD, while its predecessor had the options of 80 GB and 160 GB.

Comparative degree of size of the PS3 Slim for the PS3

E with new firmware 3,0 that it will arrive with it, will be possible to make synchronization with the Wild TVs, to control its videogame for the control of the TV. Fininho will cost 300 dollars and will start to be vendido in U.S.A. and the Europe in 1° of September. In Japan it arrives two days later. Brazil? Calm there, friend, without haste. The things must delay well more to arrive this way.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The NVIDIA passed one year saying that still it had many things between netbooks and smartphones, then is there: here it is first smartbook based in the Tegraplatform. But, and there, this new category of computers is pure balela or has skill of that it goes to be the new wave of the mobile Internet?

Shown yesterday during an event of the company in São Paulo, the equipment of the photo above is the Mobinova Élan, with similar screen of 8,9 counts and design to the one of one minilaptop - the only difference, in the truth, is the joint of the battery, that, when pulled for low, it leaves to the sample two doors USB and a HDMI.

Now, on the inside, the toy does not have nothing to see with one netbook. First, because it uses the processor Tegra 600, of 650 MHz, that comes folloied for 256 MB of RAM and SSD of 16 GB. It has Wi-Fi g, modem 3G inlaid and Bluetooth. Second, because the operational system is not Windows XP, and yes the old CE (you pray, why not Android).

Calm, we are not coming back to the time of handhelds. The interface that you see seems those programs of fast beginning used in some netbooks. It is a good one to attend videos, to control the calendar and, mainly, to sail in web. Therefore it is, the NVIDIA gave to an aggressive step route to the cloud.

At least it has two good arguments: as it consumes little energy, the battery of three cells aguenta 10 days rolling videos in 720p, 25 days touching musics and two months hibernando, it guarantees the manufacturer. That is, you could use the product as cellular, a always on one. To another one he bets is in the low price. The idea is to vender smartbook in Brazil for 700 Reals, unblocked, or even of favour, in the plan of some operator.

The dream of the NVIDIA is to bring the toy to the country before the Christmas and placing it in the shelves of the operators of cellular. The company already is negotiating with the four great ones of Brazil and also with national integrators.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Presented for Sony yesterday, Alpha 850 does not have the biggest resolution of the world. But, it places the chin of much people in the soil with its sensor CMOS of 24,6 MP.

The camera reflex has dimensions of 15,6 per 11,7 for 8,2 centimeters and LCD of 3 counts. It is equipped with processor BIONZ and sensitivity ISO of up to 6 400. In the question conectividade, it she comes with an entrance USB 2,0, HDMI, beyond video exit (NTSC or the PAL).

It must arrive at the United States with price of 2 a thousand dollars.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

For that a screen is not only enough, perhaps a miniature version as the Mimo 720-S, of the Nanovision, either a good one. E the thing alone improves when you discover that it istouchscreen.

The monitor of 7 counts has resolution of 800 for 480 pixels, contrast of 400:1 and brightness of 350cd/m ². It still counts on a system of support practical to facilitate the use in any same place, since, for the size, either a good one for using it in partnership with one notebook. Closed, it he hides the screen he protects and it of risks.

As the screen is sensible to the touch, of pra to use as screen auxiliary of any thing. In the Photoshop, to transform it into one paleta of colors would be interesting, not? It connects itself to the computer saw USB and believes that for its weight, 450 grams, of pra to take the Mimo 720-S to any place. It already is for sale in U.S.A. for 230 dollars.
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