Wednesday, April 14, 2010

For the cinéfilos that they are needing plus a house placing the quantity of films, the 4 Home-e wants to facilitate its work andto place its films and its musics in one alone product, the Kaleidescape.

The newness seems to be simple: it is alone to place the DVD or the COMPACT DISC measured in it to center that automatically it copies the media for its internal HD of 2 Terabyte. Then it connects to the Internet and low all the information of the media, as layer, synopsis etc. To have an idea, it obtains to store about 1 800 films twirling in 1080p for upscaling and 20 a thousand musics.

All modern owner of one design, the Kaleidescape also counts on a remote control with sensible screen to the touch and is possible to configure one iPhone or iPod Touch to make the function of the control. It also has exit HDMI, however not yet Blu-ray reads.

E the staff of the cinema and music likes this? Good, it are there, the studios had entered with an action against the Kaleidescape, having accused the company to facilitate the improper copy of DVDs. In 2007 the mark was successful, but in the last week the appeal of the studios was accepted. Valley to say that it is only possible to store original CDs and DVDs in the Kaleidescape.

Leaving this of side, the Kaleidescape pleases any one, imagines. But its price is to scare: this way it will be for sale from 41 a thousand Reals. This exactly, my friends. But, according to 4 Home-e, as it can be used by some people at the same time saw net, can be one measured to center of a condominium, for example. But you will have there to convince the neighborhood that valley the penalty if to undo of the physical media.


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