Saturday, October 29, 2011

The proposal not yet passes of a drawing anda animation in the YouTube, but the idea of NASA to create a “personal flying suit”, the Puffin, is extremely interesting.

Literally, in good Portuguese, NASA wants to develop a flying personal clothes. Stranger. However, as the initiative comes of the group that placed the man in the Moon, can believe that, in few years, it will be well possible to sight one of these in global the aerial roads.

The Puffin will have 3,6 meters and will weigh 136 kilos. To use it, the pilot would have that really vestiz it as clothes - or if to incase in the command cabin. The personal aircraft will have electric engine.

For the time being, the concept is being thought only for military uses.

Friday, October 28, 2011

The X-Sound! , specialized in models of players and accessories, it finishes to launch Digital TV Multimedia 3.4.

The great one drawn of the device is the possibility to lower videos, films and clips in RMVB and FLV and to attend without if worrying about the conversion of format of the archive.

The TV with screen of 3.4 counts also serves as MP3, pendrive and holds books, as e-books in the format txt.

It wants to have more information on brinquedinho? He is on that soon we will make one review.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

E after some expectation, the Mozilla launched in this thursday, 21, the final version of Firefox 3.6. The users alreadycan enter in the official page of the desenvolvedora and carry through download of the new navigator.

The new features in browser prioritize speed performance better. In comparison with the 3,5, the new version is faster 20%. The operations to open and to load pages and photos, for example, are more agile of what in the previous models.

In the attempt to minimize the exposition the malicious attacks, plugins and extensions will have a next accompaniment. That is, the system now is more restricted the action that leaves of these applicatory ones, that they are easy doors of virus entrance.

The update of browser was developed in new standard HTML5. Of this form, the tool offers to support the videos in full screen without it has the necessity installation of determined plugins.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Internet test that is the space for all. For the tired people of repression in the social nets, of the campaignsagainst an exit or another one in the bar, the site of DrinkedIn relationships was created.

In the site, the beberrões can meet and change information on places to go with galera and to appreciate a good one drunk. The division of the DrinkedIn is made by “Fóruns”, “Events”, “Pubs Bars”, all linked ones to its groups of friends in the net. E the site counts on integration to the Twitter!

In phase beta, the DrinkedIn informs that already it possesss 100 a thousand registered in cadastre bars and waits to receive much more adepts in the next months. Thus, the owners of the site also alert on the extreme alcohol consumption, in the famous letters than more very small in the inferior part of the screen.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

To leave for loading one notebook is not something there very recommended by the specialists in security. The solutions vary to placeit in the knapsack, simply not to take it, or to buy a protective layer that deceives everybody. This is the idea of the BookBook, but without leaving the side classroom.

The product, made for the Twelve South, specialist in peripherals for products of Apple, is fine thing: a protective layer, with upholstered on the inside, rigid protection in the exterior part, to zíper and an only format for are: as the name says, the BookBook imitates a book.
There to complete, each layer is made manually, that is, you does not run the risk to find somebody for in the street reading the same book that its, because the Twelve South did not make no equal BookBook. E who goes to want to steal a book old when you will be with it in the street? The possibilities diminish, not?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inhabitants of Earth, extraterrestrial, players of World of Warcraft and geeks of all the universe want to know: the Nexus One is really smartphone of the future? We hadthe honor to receive it in the INFOLAB, with right rodinha of curious to its redor. E, in little time of contact, already of the one to say that… It confers.

The beauty of the Nexus One is really impressive. Exactly the beautiful photos of the device, virtually it seems plus one smartphone of the HTC with one design more descoladinho. However, when catching it, he is easy to draw that smartphone of the Google is fine thing. Its format rounded off with one telona of 3,7 counts has finishing of first, beyond being fininho and to fit in pocket of any one.

Binding the Nexus One and tanning the X colorful that appears, already it is possible to perceive the beauty of the colors. It can, since the screen of 3,7 480 counts has x 800 pixels of resolution and is constructed in AMOLED. Touching in its surface, the thing alone improves. The reply of the sensible screen to the capacitive touch it is of first, catching all the details of the lesser movement of the fingers.

But what more it makes an impression in the Nexus One it is its speed. To open applicatory, to sail in web, to take a walk for the areas of work, to write, everything is made with an almost instantaneous reply, effect of its Snapdragon processor, the Qualcomm, 1 GHz. To attend the videos in the YouTube also is a case to the part, joining the beauty of the screen with the rapidity of the processor.

After all this babação, you it must be if asking: “then it is really one superphone, as the Google says”. We believe that to create a new category, with a pretensioso name as this, it is not the ideal for the Nexus One. It does not have nothing accurately revolutionary, but he uses everything that the current technology has of better, since the operational system Android 2,1, passing for the screen of AMOLED and the processor.

Mister Colibri
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