Saturday, July 31, 2010

It has months, us already we inform that the invasion went to happen. While it occurred there is, we crossed the fingers waiting the hegadac. E now, of one only time, Brazil will have two options of cellular with Androids. But what they will go to offer of so new?

Starting for smartphone of the HTC, us we follow since its birth it are there, in February. As an update of the G1, the Magic excuses the physical keyboard and bets in a sensible screen of 3,2 counts to the touch. When the subject is design, in comparison with its predecessor, the Magic of the one show.

Valley to remember that we already move sufficiently in it. The Magic passed this way for our hands and in a detailed Review. However, the version that we test was not the end, and important details - as the format of the external keyboard keys and a focado package of applicatory in social nets - make the difference in the version that will be vendida.

The configuration of the HTC Magic has the good stamp “smartphone of nowadays”, with camera of 3,2 megapixels, Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS and 528 processor of MHz. But it is in the operational system that deferred payment its trunfo. New details, as the possibility to not only place in a contact the telephone, but its Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, are well interesting.

Already Samsung Galaxy i7500 is a grateful surprise. When it was homologated, in August, us questions Samsung. The reply? “It is common products to be homologated and never to be launched, or to be launched in the following week”. It was not one week later, but the launching surprised. To have an idea, smartphone is only for sale in the Europe, and selected markets.

E smartphone promises. Beyond one design bacana and only 11,9 millimeters of thickness, the screen of 3,2 counts of the Galaxy is made of AMOLED, material that only improves the quality of the colors. As the HTC, the physical keyboard it was of side. It still has camera of 5 megapixels with flash of LED, internal memory of 8 expandable GB stops up to 32 GB, entered USB, Wi-Fi connection, 3G, GPS and Bluetooth. E Samsung already counted its price: 1 799 Reals, unblocked. But the newness will arrive soon for the TIM, that is, of the one to pechinchar.

The arrival of Androids in the Brazilian market livens up any one. Beyond being two new and excellent options, both can make the LG, Motorola and the Huawei soon to take off of cartola its models.

Before, to have a Android in Brazil, it was necessary to buy one imported one and unblocked for a high price. Now, it is possible to reduce its prices in plans and to count on some applicatory exclusively Brazilian ones. Thus, the market of smartphones this way must move sufficiently. Valley to remember that the HTC Magic vendeu very well there is.

Friday, July 30, 2010

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It has two things that people always wanted to see in navigators GPS in Brazil: menus a littlemore easy to move and the possibility to sail in the Internet. It is therefore that the Mio Spirit S555, seems to have very future.

With software produced for the same company who thought about the interface of iPhone, it has great buttons and sensible screen to the touch of 4,7 counts. You can take a walk for it sliding the fingers and still to give zoom in the map with clamp movement.

But the great differential of the device is same a field of search in the Google. As the S555 has Bluetooth, a cellular one is possible to use as modem hardwired to the Internet. Of the one to look the address of any place and to sail directly for there. The advantage is not to be limited to the registered in cadastre points of interest in the memory.

In the question navigation, our first impression is of that the maps are full of information in the screen. It is possible to clicar in the tourist points and the places of service, as gas stations, and to get complete details on them. The GPS receives given on transit in real time, indicates where it has radars and mentions the names of the streets.

In principle, the only “defect” is the price of 1 799 Reals. Costing everything this, the S555 would have until serving cafezinho.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

With jeitão of product of the store of the paulistana city of Itu, the loudspeaker Sound 2, of the LaCie, has of everything to pull out applauses or risinhos of who to decide to visit its office.

Made in format of giant earphone, it can be connected to its computer saw handle USB. It measures 20 for 14 centimeters, weighs 1.51 kilo and reaches up to 95 decibels. But, care, from 75 dB, the racket already can harm its auditory health.

It is being vendido in the site of the manufacturer for the price of 100 dollars.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

You in order one smartphone with decent keyboard and good system of email? Does not have bullet for a Blackberry completaço? Therefore the KIDNEYrasped to some resources of its devices line top, and this trick it left Curve 8520.

With Wi-Fi, but without connection 3G, the device will be vendido by the Living creature with exclusiveness for, the least, 30 days. In the plan of 50 minutes, it will cost 499 Reals. But also it will have a called plan BIS for data - for 49 Reals, it will be possible to open e-mails and to order instantaneous messages of limitless form. For 69 Reals, the navigation also will be set free. In this in case that, the 8520 leave for 299 Reals.

The telephone has 1,3 centimeter of thickness and weighs 105 grams. That is, he is more compact, in relation the models as Blackberry Bold. The keyboard has rigid buttons and well simple finishing, but it is comfortable. In few minutes of use, already it is possible to only identify the keyboard keys for the tato.

In the hardware, the biggest newness is in trackpad, that it enters in the place of traditional trackball. Its sensitivity is very good and allows fast navigation for the menus and the pages of the Internet. For a Blackberry, also the set of keyboard keys of shortcut for commands multimedia located above of the device is new thing. Also it has a P2 connection for phones.

Other characteristics techniques are: Bluetooth 2,0, processor of 512 MHz and internal memory of 256 MB. The device comes with card microSD of 2 GB. The camera also is simple of everything: megapixels has 2 and seems lentinha well.

The applicatory store of Blackberry App World Already is available for the model in Brazil, but only for gratuitous programs, the least for the time being. Software for access the social nets, as Facebook and MySpace, already are for there.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Acer will start to vender soon, in the Europe, its new smartphone. E the newness of a1 is the presence of the Android inits operational system.

Smartphone has sensible screen of 3,5 counts to the touch, camera of 5 megapixels, 512 MB of internal memory and a respectful processor 768 Qualcomm 8250 of MHz. The package of connections, as was of if to imagine, is complete: 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

Beyond the bacana configuration, another well interesting part is the Android in software. With a1, the mark wants to steal a slice of the European market of smartphones, imagines. But who to want to buy it, will have to spend 390 euros.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Panasonic finishes to announce two new lines of notebooks: the N8 andthe S8. As she was of if to wait, they will come with embarked Windows 7.

Both estrelam screen of LCD of 12,1 counts, 4 GB of memory RAM and 250 GB of hard disk. Beyond processor the 2 Cores Duo P8700. In the question conectividade, them they have WiMAX, WiFi and HDMI.

As Meganote C2B, of the Megaware, the N8 and the S8 have interesting touchpad round. But, if to follow the tradition of coleguinha of the Megaware, will not be very practical, not.

To differentiate them, Panasonic equipped the S8 with a DVD recorder.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Dell more confirmed the arrival in U.S.A. of its new laptop for unglued executives. One is about light and powerful Z600, one notebook of 16 counts.

The Z600 starts pleasing for a triple combination not very common in laptops: exactly with 16 counts, it has only 1,4 centimeter of thickness, weighs 2 kilos and this does not hinder it to take a processor the 2 Cores Duo. In addition, the screen has resolution of 1600 for 900 pixels. Another bacana thing slots for drives of SSD is the two.

For it are, it has one design uncommon, mainly in the tips, that had gained one cut and some entrances there different exactly. The keyboard seems to be indeed spacious and excellent finishing, with salient keyboard keys. The only sadness is its initial price of 2 000 dollars in U.S.A.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The AOC prepares a new election of monitors for the Brazilian market. In three sizes, the new features want to leave itsgreener life.

The models, baptized of 936Swa, 2036Va and 2236Wa (of the photo), have, respectively, 18,5, 20 and 21,5 counts. All are made with materials recycle and only have a bit of metals weighed, according to mark. Because of this, telinhas had gained stamp EPEAT, given to the products that reduce the impact in our beautiful Land.

In the part of the numbers, all have time of reply of 5 milliseconds. In the contrast tax, 936wa has 30 000:1, while the 60 models 2036Va and 2236Wa have 000:1. The suggested prices of the new features are, respectively, 579, 629 and 679 Reals.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

On line casino

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Minor and in format slide, the youngest brother of cellular ChocolateBL40, Chocolate BL20, of the LG, finishes to estrear in the European market.

It has only 1,2 centimeter of thickness and weighs 115 grams. He is equipped with a camera of 5 MP with autofoco and flash, beyond the TextScan technology, that takes off photos of written texts by hand.

With screen of 2,4 counts, the BL20 comes with 3G, radio FM, Bluetooth and entrance for card Micron SD.

Already he is being vendido in the Europe for 269 euros.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cheap mobile phones

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To speak to the clock goes to turn fashion rapidinho. Certainty. Of this time she was the novice Kempler & Strauss whom it decided to present its proper version of clock-cellular, the W PhoneWatch.

Sufficiently charmosinho, new watchphone comes with 4 GB of internal storage, sensible screen to the touch, camera, Bluetooth and Internet 3G. The packing also packs an earphone Bluetooth. Everything for 200 dollars.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sony decided to disclose to all the information of its new notebook ultrafinishes, Vaio X. and magrelo, that it weighs halfMacBook Air, will have lesser price of what speculated and the bacana configuration.

For it are, Vaio X continues causing furor for its construction. In a demonstration of Sony he was clearly that notebook has the finura of a pencil, having 1,39 centimeter of thickness. To complete, its weight is surreal: they are about 700 grams, against 1,3 kilo of the MacBook Air. But valley to remember that Vaio X has screen of 11,1 counts, while the bonitão of Apple has 13,3 ″. It obtained to arrive at this weight for being constructed in a carbon fiber base.

But what Sony counted of this time he says more on its anoréxico. Without specifying accurately, the mark left clearly that Vaio X will come with an Intel processor of 2 GHz. The speculations say something on a Atom Z550. Of remaining portion, notebook will have 2 GB of memory RAM, 64 GB of internal space in a SSD, embarked Windows 7, Wi-Fi and 3G.

Another great detail disclosed for Sony was the price of the newness. After speculations of the initial value to turn in the house of the 2 000 dollars, the company confirmed that the price of Vaio X starts in 1 299 dollar. Logically this is far from being cheap, but it will not be so difficult to see I finish laptop for there. No longer Brazil, can wait. While in U.S.A. it starts to be vendido in November, here we do not have forecast.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

We have here the first sample of one netbook with two processors. This exactly, the Swordfish Net 102 is nota Dual Core, nor 2 Core Duo. It has two same Atom processors.

This way, everybody made strange face. “As thus, two processors”. Therefore it knows that this computadorzinho counts on two Atom processors of 1,6 GHz, memory RAM of 2 GB, HD of 160 GB, screen of 10,2 counts with resolution of 1024 for 600 pixels, Wi-Fi and 3G. At least, it is a new thing, not?

However, the things bizarras of the Swordfish Net 102 do not stop for there. It also counts on a “dual Bluetooth” to use its smartphone as modem 3G. But it already has 3G inlaid. He does not look at for people, asks for the Swordfish. Another detail importantíssimo is that, according to site, netbook has “Keyborad: 83 keyborad”. Something as to have “telcas this way”.

The Swordfish Net 102, with a air of myopic visionary, has plus a decisive factor to complicate its popularização: 450 dollars in one netbook are much thing, not?

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Friday, July 2, 2010

“The diversion starts with a touch”. It is thus, focando in the leisure, that Sony Canadian wants to emplacar its Ahead everything ina VAIO L. of the configurations of the bonitão, the promise makes sensible.

The new everything in one of Sony presents a sensible screen to the touch of 24 counts capable to twirl in resolution of 1920 per 1080 pixels. It trick to be more interesting, VAIO L comes with interface HDMI.

Inside of the carcass, it brings a processor Core 2 DUO and graphical plate NVIDIA GeForce. The hard disk is of 500 GB and it comes with operational system Windows 7.

VAIO L will be vendido in the Canadian store from November for the price of 1 699 dollar.

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