Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The T-Mobile liberated its list of new features that the Americans will be able to ask for Noel Papa. E inside of the package the HTC Magic, known for there as myTouch 3G, gained a roupagem classuda.

On the inside, the new version of the HTC Magic does not have nothing of new of the version that we test here. The significant changes are same of the side of are. The appearance of the device was created in partnership with the lendária mark of guitars To cleave. E before you enter in panic, the carcass is made wooden false, that is, without killing the green and possibilities to give cupim.

E another toast that the HTC goes to give for its users is something who already would have to exist before, but… This version of the Magic will have entered for phones in the standard of 3,5 millimeters, a relief for all. E it already comes with one microSD of 16 GB. Now, already the price and the availability in U.S.A., nobody wanted to speak on.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

With appositive Moment, Samsung at moment of the Android

Samsung seems to have caught taste for the Android. The cellular Moment is another one that it embarks in the age of the operational system ofthe Google.

With a processor of 800 MHz, the Moment has sensible screen to the touch of 3,2 counts, keyboard QWERTY and camera of 3,2 MP. It comes equipped with GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

With bonitinho he is possible to have a direct bridge with the services of the Google, being included search, Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube.

The Moment must arrive at the beginning at the American market of November for the price of 179 dollars, following one of the plans of the Sprint operator.

Following the wave of desktops everything in one, the Gateway announcedits there is. Beyond the sensible screen to the touch, the two already will have the new operational system of Microsoft in the package.

The first one, baptized of ZX6800, have screen of 23 counts with resource of multitouch and resolution of 1920 per 1080 pixels. It has a tuner of inlaid and audio TV of 5.1 canals. On the inside, a processor the 2 Cores Quad of 2,33 GHz, 8 GB of memory RAM in DDR3 and plate of video Radeon HD 4570 of 1 GB, Wi-Fi connection and entrance eSATA.

The great one drawn of the Gateway is in the storage: a SSD of 64 GB is with the applicatory ones and operational system and 1 TB of hard disk are you to full with what wanting. This solution must considerably increase the speed of desktop.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Smartbook NetWalker, of the Sharp, Ubuntu wheel

The Sharp finishes to announce in the East its new smartbook (if it is thatwe can call it thus) NetWalker. Of dimensions diminutíssimas, the device Ubuntu wheel.

Measuring 16.1 per 10,8 for 1,9 centimeters, NetWalker PC-Z1 has sensible screen to the touch of 5 counts and, therefore, if it points out in the breach that exists between one netbook and a PDA. Without hanging total for each one from these sides.

It has memory RAM of 512 MB and 4 GB of internal storage, but microSD can be expanded for 16 GB saw card. The NetWalker comes with Wi-Fi, keyboard QWERTY, processor i.MX515 Freescale of 800 MHz and, according to manufacturer, battery of 10 hours. No signal of 3G, however.

It is not known when and if it will arrive at Brazil. But, the launching of the NetWalker, in Japan, is marked for 25 of September with price equivalent the 479 dollar.

N900, of Nokia, is based on Linux

After much speculation, Nokia confirmed the launching inthe Europe of the N900, full its smartphone of well bacanas resources and twirling in Maemo 5, based in Debian Linux. E now, iPhone?

The configurations of the N900 do not leave to desire at any moment. With a sensible screen to the resistiva touch of 3,5 counts with resolution of 800 for 480 pixels, it still has a keyboard QWERTY in the format slide, remembering the N97 - also, leaving its brother seeming one celularzinho any. If this already was the necessary one to call the attention, on the inside it orders still better.

If what you need you are space, the N900 has 32 GB of internal memory that still can be expanded for 48 GB with one microSD. In the hour of if connecting, Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth 2,1, GPS and A-GPS make the party. Still it rolls an exit for TV and a transmitter of radio FM. E the camera also seems to be fine thing, with 5 megapixels and lenses of Carl Zeiss with double flash of LED.

If this already seemed sufficiently, forgets the Symbian. Maemo 5 was brought up to date and will have to twirl some applicatory bacanas, beyond counting on proper, established browser in the Mozilla Firefox with support Flash 9.4. As its base is Debian Linux, of the one to wait some good applicatory ones for the N900.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

OmniaPro, of Samsung, arrives at Brazil

Samsung brought to Brazil plus one smartphone with beautiful configurations, typically corporative format and an arguableoperational system. Everything this is the OmniaPro.

Before rocks play, the operational system Windows Mobile 6,1 does not please this writes that you. But this is a taste question. At least it comes with Outlook Mobile and Office Mobile, certain? The OmniaPro is pro same in the hour of the connections: GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth. The package is complete.

It still counts on camera of 3,2 megapixels and expandable internal space for 16 GB. The screen of 2,4 counts has resolution of 320 for 240 pixels. For who if he interested, it costs 799 Reals unblocked. But of pra to play the price for 249 Reals in a mirabolante plan of minutes of Clearly.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

While tablets of Apple or the MS does not give the faces, the real solutions also seem interesting. It is the case of the SQ7, tuiteiro Lighthouse, one tablet.

The device has screen of 7 counts with resolution of 800 for 480 pixels, Ubuntu wheel, has processor of 667 MHz, 1 sad GB of internal space and 128 MB of memory. The great one launches of the SQ7 is fast access to the Internet, the Facebook and the Twitter.

Therefore, it counts on great icons of the social nets in its home. In a click, you already he is writing something for its followers and friends. The SQ7 weighs about 500 grams and the Lighthouse says that its hard battery about 5 hours in intense use. It will start to be vendido in October, in U.S.A., for 250 dollars.


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nstigando everybody to define the proper style, the LG today presented its newcellular GD510, or Pop. According to it, most compact with sensible screen to the touch of 3 counts.

New the cellular one has camera of 3 MP, internal memory of 8 GB and only one keyboard key for linkings. It also can come with a solar battery - characteristic that, for the skill, he goes to catch in the 2010 summer.

The GD510, or Pop, must arrive at the European market in October middle.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

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Cellular GM630, of the LG, syntonizes digital TV

Plus a cellular one of the LG it finishes to arrive at the market doidinho to syntonizeBrazilian novels. The GM630, as it was baptized, comes with tuner of integrated digital TV.

The cellularone has screen of 2 counts, camera of 2 MP and MP3 to player. It is capable to make video capture, has connection USB, Bluetooth and inlaid memory of 100 MB. But, not to leave you in the hand, it have support for card Micron SD of up to 4 GB.

The price not to lose its preferred program? 699 Reals. But, if it does not forget to place the earphones. To attend tevê, in the street, without this is limped.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Choice tablet or keyboard with Sleek laptop

The ergonomic problem of tablets is decided. At least in the Sleek laptop, project concept of designer Victor Bivol, the Technological University of the Moldávia.

Without concrete perspectives to leave the paper soon, laptop of Bivol makes possible that the using choice between the keyboard and tablet. The options had been incorporated the same the compartment of device - one of each side. Thus, it is enough to turn this compartment to use the different functions.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Motorola with Android

While people continue in the expectation to know which will be the first Brazilian Android, Motorola prepares there is the first launching of its cellular one with the operational system ofthe Google. They make its appositive.

The newness will be disclosed day 10 of September, in San Francisco, California. Some speculations on a Motorola with Android already rolled in blogs specialized, there and something indicates that it will be able to call Morisson or Sholes, this of the photo.

Who knows with the newness Motorola time return not to have the relevance of the past in the market of cellular and smartphones? The skill is to wait the newness to leave there is e, mainly, to be this way waits in it of the HTC Magic, the Samsung Galaxy, or any Android that appear of truth.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

PC everything in one of the Asus has resources touchscreen

Taking care of for acronyms ET2002T, ET2203T and ET2002, the new line of PCs everything in one of the Asus wants to make jus to the heading. Therefore, it incorporated sensible screen to the touch in two of its models.

The awardees had been the ET2002T and the ET2203T. The first one comes with sensible screen to the touch of 20 counts, processor Atom 330 ION, 2 GB of memory RAM, 320 GB of storage, Wi-Fi and recorder of DVD. With exception of the sensible screen to the touch, the ET2002 has the same characteristics.

More robust, the ET2203T, in turn, star sensible screen to the touch of 22 counts, Intel processor the 2 Cores Duo T4300 or T6500, memory RAM of 4 GB and choice between 320 and 500 GB of hard disk. It still has Blu-ray and Wi-Fi.

Monday, June 21, 2010

BookArc transforms MacBook into desktop

If to have a MacBook of 17 counts not yet is the sufficient for you and the idea is to make of its chic table something, the BookArc, of the Twelve South, wants to transform its notebook of the apple into one desktop.

In the truth, the complete kit of the photo will have there that to be mounted by you yourselves. The BookArc is alone a support for the MacBook of 17 counts. But if you to buy one mouse and a keyboard of Apple and a monitor that one imitates iMac, of pra to have a hybrid in house.

The newness seems one gadget for who does not like to make pose of what for its praticidade, but we can be exaggerating. It is for sale in U.S.A. for 50 dollars. Topa?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reader Daily Edition, of Sony, comes with 3G

As vocês they must have perceived, Sony took off the day to showthe secrets that were in the closet. Between them she is the appositive one of the company to destronar the Kindle, of the Amazon: the Reader Daily Edition.

The new reader of e-books of Sony has sensible screen to the touch of 7 counts. Of Kindle DX he has 9,7 counts. In the United States, it 3G will arrive with gratuitous access at the net, but, with right only the visits to the store of e-books of Sony.

It must arrive at the United States in time for the purchases of the Christmas for the price of 399 dollars.

The others just-launched e-readers of Sony, Reader Pocket Edition and Reader Touch Edition (the first one and as in the image above), already are available with labels of 199 and 299 dollars, respectively.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

PS3 can arrive in Brazil until the Christmas

Beyond showing the complete line of television sets and Blu-ray, Sony also was questioned on the possibilities of Playstation 3 to disembark of time in Brazil. E the reply was entertainer well.

Questioned on the possibility of fond of the console, the directors of Sony had not hidden that “very soon” Brazil will have new features on the videogame. It is good for remembering that the mark finished to confirm the new PS3 is there, the PS3 Slim. Here, we do not have nor the production of the greater.

E to leave the situation still more entertainer, after to be questioned on the possibility of the brazilian PS3 to be an option of Christmas present, the reply was “hopeful, yes”. We also full in them of hope.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sony shows to line full HD brazuca

Sony today showed for Brazil its new line of television sets and Blu-ray. E the idea of the mark is to make you to seethe sweat of the football player, the perfect movement of the ball, the tear of lie in the novel. For this, nothing better that a 240 TV of Hz produced in Brazil.

The Wild line of television sets XBR9, as this there of the photo, arrives in 46 and 52 counts. E is not because of the format bonitão or of the extremely shining screen that the TV calls the attention. With its 240 Hz interpolated, the precision of the details is really impressive, mainly if you assistiz it side by side with a television set of 60 Hz and another one of 120 Hz.

In the conectividade part, line XBR9 has 4 entrances HDMI, an exit USB and counts on system DNLA, a newness that connects notebooks of the Vaio line with the television set. There of pra to leave the computer in the room and to see the photos in the room, for example. It also counts on integrated converter and is produced soon there, in the Zona Franca of Manaus.

But to order to see in the films in high definition, you she goes to need a tocador of Blu-ray, certain? The newness of Sony in this part is the BDP-S360, the first Brazilian Blu-ray of the mark. This because, as the XBR9, it also are made in Manaus. According to Sony, this caused a collapse of prices of 35% in relation to its predecessor.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coloring, cellular Nokia 5230 brings touchscreen

New cellular one with sensible screen to the touch of Nokia, the 5230, finishes to be launched. E already intrigues with full its design of curves and colors than more vibrant.

The cellular one has sensible screen to the touch of 3,2 counts, camera of 2 MP and door for card microSD. It comes with technology A-GPS, HSDPA and Bluetooth 2.0. To close, the connector of earphones is standard with 3,5 millimeters.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sony officializes players Walkman series S and E

The new lines of MP3 players of Sony already had given what to speak, but now the manufacturer only decided to admit the launching of the Walkman family series S and E.

As it was of if waiting, series S will arrive in the next month with LCD to 2,4 counts, capacity to record radio FM and support to twirl formats MP3, WMA, AAC, H.264 and WMV. Available in the colors black, pink, violet and red, it will have prices of 110 dollars, for the device of 8 GB and 130 dollars, for the one of 16 GB.

Already its sister, series and, short while pack a lesser LCD with only 2 counts and obtain to touch 30 hours of music far from the taking. While series S is capable to twirl up to 42 hours without recharging.

Obviously, the little robust specifications had also relieved to the series and more modest prices: 80 dollars for the version of 8 GB and 100 dollars for the one of 16 GB.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Twitter and Facebook now have mousepad

It is not of today that sites gain versions physical to create somethingdifferent and estiloso. It is the case of mousepads of the studio of design Boys, of U.S.A., that had transformed the Twitter and the Facebook into support for its mouse.

The two are simple and right-handers: in the Facebook, the box of text is the great part, and the phrase engraçadinha is “What's on your mouse pad”. Already in the version of the Twitter, piadinha is “Where ploughs you pointing”. You can until scribbling mousepad, but we doubt that a rubber functions with the same easiness that backspace.

They are for sale in U.S.A. for 11,99 dollars each, but in case that you soon want the two tricks of a time, them they leave for 17,99 dollars in the site of the Boys.

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New cellular of Samsung it will have exit HDMI

New the cellular one of Samsung is each time next to the American market and more information had been discovered. Samsung Instinct HD will have exit HDMI and some other good resources.

As the name already suggests, this HD of high definition is not there to toa. Beyond exit HDMI to show videos in high resolution, it will also have camera of 5 megapixels with capacity of writing in HD. Wi-Fi connection, fast access to social nets and one design rounded off.

The newness must start to be vendida in the end of September in U.S.A., for the Best Buy. The price was also not confirmed, but rumors indicate something between 150 and 200 dollars in a contract of 2 years.

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Device translates its speaks (verbally)

With name of product of the Tabajara Organizations, iTravl Multilingual Communicator, of the Ectaco, can give to one mãozinha case you is not end dand to spend its portunhol (or another language) in the trips of this drawn out weekend. The device translates its phrases for any language, verbally.

This because trambolhinho of 15,2 for 8 for 1,6 centimeters is equipped with a system of voice recognition. Thus, in accordance with the manufacturer, you only need to speak and at the following moment iTravl will repeat its phrase in the chosen language. Now, given the experience that we have with systems as Google Translate (and the course of the research of voice recognition), I believe that this translation will not be thus so, let us say, needs.

But the device-translator possesss sensible screen to the touch and some didactic games for you “to learn another language playing”, beyond a traveller's guide with attractions of 50 destinations around of the world.

Kept the picaretagem pretensions, iTravl Multilingual Communicator is being vendido for the price of 549 dollars. I know, well more cheap than its course of languages. I wait that this does not turn justification pra you to run away from it. Necessary appositive E that nor to explain why.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz

It's striking to behold the new phone from Sony Ericsson. With an interesting format and Symbian OS, the beautiful was called Lively, the new phone has some cool features. The camera has a resolution of 8.1 MP auto-focus system, image stabilization, face recognition and video recording in 720p. Well, all this, and you know more sensational features of this phone come to, The features offered by Sony Ericsson Vivacious Pro are many and innovative.

The Lively also comes with 720 MHz processor and dedicated video system PowerVR SGX, which ensures faster execution of all these tasks and applications, Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro is a touchscreen smartphone devoted mainly to professionals who need a mobile office without giving up anything, and you have all the information and features of this amazing device.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Notebook P500, of the Toshiba, also goes of Blu-ray

Been slow, but (for the skill) confident, the Toshiba decided to dive of head in the wave of 1080p. Thus, together with itsfirst one player of videos in highest definition, the BDX2000, the Japanese manufacturer presented its new line of laptops, now with Blu-ray.

The son of the Satellite family, P500 is the first one to incorporate the newness. Thus, in its screen of 18,4 counts, notebook is capable to twirl videos in 1920 per 1080 pixels. It comes equipped with processor the 2 Cores Duo, 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB of hard disk.

In the question conectividade, it he follows the standard: he has three doors USB 2,0, beyond one eSata/USB. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The P500 must arrive at the market in October.

Friday, June 4, 2010

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

LG W63 wants to be optimum monitor for gamers

The LG announced in Berlin, during the IFA, a monitor that hardcore more wants to be friend of the players. The W63, with much audacity andcourage, is presented as optimum monitor for gamers of the world. It will be?

The monitor of 23 counts has resolution Full HD of 1920 per 1080 pixels, contrast of 70 000:1 with the Digital technology Finishes Contrast (if vocês they want to know the real contrast, it is 1000:1), time of reply of 2 milliseconds and a called newness Thru Mode, a system that removes the picture processing to deliver appearances with zero of delay. At least it is what the LG promises.

It has one design all full of pose, constructed blank with details in black color. The W63 also counts on two entrances HDMI and nobody knows the price of the newness.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Anorexy catches in notebooks series X, of Samsung

One day after the presentation of Vaio X, Sony, Samsung showed its new series of notebooks, also with codinome X. But, the similarities finish for there.

With thickness of 2,3 centimeters, anoréxica series X still arrives at the European market this month in three versions: the X420, with screen of 14 counts, X520, of 14,6 counts and the X120, 11,6 counts.

Mysterious in the hour to disclose the specifications, Samsung only says that they will pack a Dual processor Core of the Intel of low voltage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, reader of cards and exit HDMI.

The prices vary between 1 000 and 1 286 dollar.

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