Thursday, June 3, 2010

LG W63 wants to be optimum monitor for gamers

The LG announced in Berlin, during the IFA, a monitor that hardcore more wants to be friend of the players. The W63, with much audacity andcourage, is presented as optimum monitor for gamers of the world. It will be?

The monitor of 23 counts has resolution Full HD of 1920 per 1080 pixels, contrast of 70 000:1 with the Digital technology Finishes Contrast (if vocês they want to know the real contrast, it is 1000:1), time of reply of 2 milliseconds and a called newness Thru Mode, a system that removes the picture processing to deliver appearances with zero of delay. At least it is what the LG promises.

It has one design all full of pose, constructed blank with details in black color. The W63 also counts on two entrances HDMI and nobody knows the price of the newness.


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