Monday, June 28, 2010

Smartbook NetWalker, of the Sharp, Ubuntu wheel

The Sharp finishes to announce in the East its new smartbook (if it is thatwe can call it thus) NetWalker. Of dimensions diminutíssimas, the device Ubuntu wheel.

Measuring 16.1 per 10,8 for 1,9 centimeters, NetWalker PC-Z1 has sensible screen to the touch of 5 counts and, therefore, if it points out in the breach that exists between one netbook and a PDA. Without hanging total for each one from these sides.

It has memory RAM of 512 MB and 4 GB of internal storage, but microSD can be expanded for 16 GB saw card. The NetWalker comes with Wi-Fi, keyboard QWERTY, processor i.MX515 Freescale of 800 MHz and, according to manufacturer, battery of 10 hours. No signal of 3G, however.

It is not known when and if it will arrive at Brazil. But, the launching of the NetWalker, in Japan, is marked for 25 of September with price equivalent the 479 dollar.


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