Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Following the wave of desktops everything in one, the Gateway announcedits there is. Beyond the sensible screen to the touch, the two already will have the new operational system of Microsoft in the package.

The first one, baptized of ZX6800, have screen of 23 counts with resource of multitouch and resolution of 1920 per 1080 pixels. It has a tuner of inlaid and audio TV of 5.1 canals. On the inside, a processor the 2 Cores Quad of 2,33 GHz, 8 GB of memory RAM in DDR3 and plate of video Radeon HD 4570 of 1 GB, Wi-Fi connection and entrance eSATA.

The great one drawn of the Gateway is in the storage: a SSD of 64 GB is with the applicatory ones and operational system and 1 TB of hard disk are you to full with what wanting. This solution must considerably increase the speed of desktop.


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