Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The T-Mobile liberated its list of new features that the Americans will be able to ask for Noel Papa. E inside of the package the HTC Magic, known for there as myTouch 3G, gained a roupagem classuda.

On the inside, the new version of the HTC Magic does not have nothing of new of the version that we test here. The significant changes are same of the side of are. The appearance of the device was created in partnership with the lendária mark of guitars To cleave. E before you enter in panic, the carcass is made wooden false, that is, without killing the green and possibilities to give cupim.

E another toast that the HTC goes to give for its users is something who already would have to exist before, but… This version of the Magic will have entered for phones in the standard of 3,5 millimeters, a relief for all. E it already comes with one microSD of 16 GB. Now, already the price and the availability in U.S.A., nobody wanted to speak on.


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