Monday, June 7, 2010

Device translates its speaks (verbally)

With name of product of the Tabajara Organizations, iTravl Multilingual Communicator, of the Ectaco, can give to one mãozinha case you is not end dand to spend its portunhol (or another language) in the trips of this drawn out weekend. The device translates its phrases for any language, verbally.

This because trambolhinho of 15,2 for 8 for 1,6 centimeters is equipped with a system of voice recognition. Thus, in accordance with the manufacturer, you only need to speak and at the following moment iTravl will repeat its phrase in the chosen language. Now, given the experience that we have with systems as Google Translate (and the course of the research of voice recognition), I believe that this translation will not be thus so, let us say, needs.

But the device-translator possesss sensible screen to the touch and some didactic games for you “to learn another language playing”, beyond a traveller's guide with attractions of 50 destinations around of the world.

Kept the picaretagem pretensions, iTravl Multilingual Communicator is being vendido for the price of 549 dollars. I know, well more cheap than its course of languages. I wait that this does not turn justification pra you to run away from it. Necessary appositive E that nor to explain why.


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