Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Twitter and Facebook now have mousepad

It is not of today that sites gain versions physical to create somethingdifferent and estiloso. It is the case of mousepads of the studio of design Boys, of U.S.A., that had transformed the Twitter and the Facebook into support for its mouse.

The two are simple and right-handers: in the Facebook, the box of text is the great part, and the phrase engra├žadinha is “What's on your mouse pad”. Already in the version of the Twitter, piadinha is “Where ploughs you pointing”. You can until scribbling mousepad, but we doubt that a rubber functions with the same easiness that backspace.

They are for sale in U.S.A. for 11,99 dollars each, but in case that you soon want the two tricks of a time, them they leave for 17,99 dollars in the site of the Boys.


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