Monday, June 21, 2010

BookArc transforms MacBook into desktop

If to have a MacBook of 17 counts not yet is the sufficient for you and the idea is to make of its chic table something, the BookArc, of the Twelve South, wants to transform its notebook of the apple into one desktop.

In the truth, the complete kit of the photo will have there that to be mounted by you yourselves. The BookArc is alone a support for the MacBook of 17 counts. But if you to buy one mouse and a keyboard of Apple and a monitor that one imitates iMac, of pra to have a hybrid in house.

The newness seems one gadget for who does not like to make pose of what for its praticidade, but we can be exaggerating. It is for sale in U.S.A. for 50 dollars. Topa?


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