Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reader Daily Edition, of Sony, comes with 3G

As vocês they must have perceived, Sony took off the day to showthe secrets that were in the closet. Between them she is the appositive one of the company to destronar the Kindle, of the Amazon: the Reader Daily Edition.

The new reader of e-books of Sony has sensible screen to the touch of 7 counts. Of Kindle DX he has 9,7 counts. In the United States, it 3G will arrive with gratuitous access at the net, but, with right only the visits to the store of e-books of Sony.

It must arrive at the United States in time for the purchases of the Christmas for the price of 399 dollars.

The others just-launched e-readers of Sony, Reader Pocket Edition and Reader Touch Edition (the first one and as in the image above), already are available with labels of 199 and 299 dollars, respectively.


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