Saturday, July 10, 2010

The AOC prepares a new election of monitors for the Brazilian market. In three sizes, the new features want to leave itsgreener life.

The models, baptized of 936Swa, 2036Va and 2236Wa (of the photo), have, respectively, 18,5, 20 and 21,5 counts. All are made with materials recycle and only have a bit of metals weighed, according to mark. Because of this, telinhas had gained stamp EPEAT, given to the products that reduce the impact in our beautiful Land.

In the part of the numbers, all have time of reply of 5 milliseconds. In the contrast tax, 936wa has 30 000:1, while the 60 models 2036Va and 2236Wa have 000:1. The suggested prices of the new features are, respectively, 579, 629 and 679 Reals.


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