Monday, July 12, 2010

Dell more confirmed the arrival in U.S.A. of its new laptop for unglued executives. One is about light and powerful Z600, one notebook of 16 counts.

The Z600 starts pleasing for a triple combination not very common in laptops: exactly with 16 counts, it has only 1,4 centimeter of thickness, weighs 2 kilos and this does not hinder it to take a processor the 2 Cores Duo. In addition, the screen has resolution of 1600 for 900 pixels. Another bacana thing slots for drives of SSD is the two.

For it are, it has one design uncommon, mainly in the tips, that had gained one cut and some entrances there different exactly. The keyboard seems to be indeed spacious and excellent finishing, with salient keyboard keys. The only sadness is its initial price of 2 000 dollars in U.S.A.


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