Saturday, July 3, 2010

We have here the first sample of one netbook with two processors. This exactly, the Swordfish Net 102 is nota Dual Core, nor 2 Core Duo. It has two same Atom processors.

This way, everybody made strange face. “As thus, two processors”. Therefore it knows that this computadorzinho counts on two Atom processors of 1,6 GHz, memory RAM of 2 GB, HD of 160 GB, screen of 10,2 counts with resolution of 1024 for 600 pixels, Wi-Fi and 3G. At least, it is a new thing, not?

However, the things bizarras of the Swordfish Net 102 do not stop for there. It also counts on a “dual Bluetooth” to use its smartphone as modem 3G. But it already has 3G inlaid. He does not look at for people, asks for the Swordfish. Another detail importantíssimo is that, according to site, netbook has “Keyborad: 83 keyborad”. Something as to have “telcas this way”.

The Swordfish Net 102, with a air of myopic visionary, has plus a decisive factor to complicate its popularização: 450 dollars in one netbook are much thing, not?


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