Friday, July 30, 2010

It has two things that people always wanted to see in navigators GPS in Brazil: menus a littlemore easy to move and the possibility to sail in the Internet. It is therefore that the Mio Spirit S555, seems to have very future.

With software produced for the same company who thought about the interface of iPhone, it has great buttons and sensible screen to the touch of 4,7 counts. You can take a walk for it sliding the fingers and still to give zoom in the map with clamp movement.

But the great differential of the device is same a field of search in the Google. As the S555 has Bluetooth, a cellular one is possible to use as modem hardwired to the Internet. Of the one to look the address of any place and to sail directly for there. The advantage is not to be limited to the registered in cadastre points of interest in the memory.

In the question navigation, our first impression is of that the maps are full of information in the screen. It is possible to clicar in the tourist points and the places of service, as gas stations, and to get complete details on them. The GPS receives given on transit in real time, indicates where it has radars and mentions the names of the streets.

In principle, the only “defect” is the price of 1 799 Reals. Costing everything this, the S555 would have until serving cafezinho.


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