Saturday, July 31, 2010

It has months, us already we inform that the invasion went to happen. While it occurred there is, we crossed the fingers waiting the hegadac. E now, of one only time, Brazil will have two options of cellular with Androids. But what they will go to offer of so new?

Starting for smartphone of the HTC, us we follow since its birth it are there, in February. As an update of the G1, the Magic excuses the physical keyboard and bets in a sensible screen of 3,2 counts to the touch. When the subject is design, in comparison with its predecessor, the Magic of the one show.

Valley to remember that we already move sufficiently in it. The Magic passed this way for our hands and in a detailed Review. However, the version that we test was not the end, and important details - as the format of the external keyboard keys and a focado package of applicatory in social nets - make the difference in the version that will be vendida.

The configuration of the HTC Magic has the good stamp “smartphone of nowadays”, with camera of 3,2 megapixels, Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS and 528 processor of MHz. But it is in the operational system that deferred payment its trunfo. New details, as the possibility to not only place in a contact the telephone, but its Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, are well interesting.

Already Samsung Galaxy i7500 is a grateful surprise. When it was homologated, in August, us questions Samsung. The reply? “It is common products to be homologated and never to be launched, or to be launched in the following week”. It was not one week later, but the launching surprised. To have an idea, smartphone is only for sale in the Europe, and selected markets.

E smartphone promises. Beyond one design bacana and only 11,9 millimeters of thickness, the screen of 3,2 counts of the Galaxy is made of AMOLED, material that only improves the quality of the colors. As the HTC, the physical keyboard it was of side. It still has camera of 5 megapixels with flash of LED, internal memory of 8 expandable GB stops up to 32 GB, entered USB, Wi-Fi connection, 3G, GPS and Bluetooth. E Samsung already counted its price: 1 799 Reals, unblocked. But the newness will arrive soon for the TIM, that is, of the one to pechinchar.

The arrival of Androids in the Brazilian market livens up any one. Beyond being two new and excellent options, both can make the LG, Motorola and the Huawei soon to take off of cartola its models.

Before, to have a Android in Brazil, it was necessary to buy one imported one and unblocked for a high price. Now, it is possible to reduce its prices in plans and to count on some applicatory exclusively Brazilian ones. Thus, the market of smartphones this way must move sufficiently. Valley to remember that the HTC Magic vendeu very well there is.


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