Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Internet test that is the space for all. For the tired people of repression in the social nets, of the campaignsagainst an exit or another one in the bar, the site of DrinkedIn relationships was created.

In the site, the beberrões can meet and change information on places to go with galera and to appreciate a good one drunk. The division of the DrinkedIn is made by “Fóruns”, “Events”, “Pubs Bars”, all linked ones to its groups of friends in the net. E the site counts on integration to the Twitter!

In phase beta, the DrinkedIn informs that already it possesss 100 a thousand registered in cadastre bars and waits to receive much more adepts in the next months. Thus, the owners of the site also alert on the extreme alcohol consumption, in the famous letters than more very small in the inferior part of the screen.


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