Sunday, October 23, 2011

To leave for loading one notebook is not something there very recommended by the specialists in security. The solutions vary to placeit in the knapsack, simply not to take it, or to buy a protective layer that deceives everybody. This is the idea of the BookBook, but without leaving the side classroom.

The product, made for the Twelve South, specialist in peripherals for products of Apple, is fine thing: a protective layer, with upholstered on the inside, rigid protection in the exterior part, to zíper and an only format for are: as the name says, the BookBook imitates a book.
There to complete, each layer is made manually, that is, you does not run the risk to find somebody for in the street reading the same book that its, because the Twelve South did not make no equal BookBook. E who goes to want to steal a book old when you will be with it in the street? The possibilities diminish, not?


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