Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inhabitants of Earth, extraterrestrial, players of World of Warcraft and geeks of all the universe want to know: the Nexus One is really smartphone of the future? We hadthe honor to receive it in the INFOLAB, with right rodinha of curious to its redor. E, in little time of contact, already of the one to say that… It confers.

The beauty of the Nexus One is really impressive. Exactly the beautiful photos of the device, virtually it seems plus one smartphone of the HTC with one design more descoladinho. However, when catching it, he is easy to draw that smartphone of the Google is fine thing. Its format rounded off with one telona of 3,7 counts has finishing of first, beyond being fininho and to fit in pocket of any one.

Binding the Nexus One and tanning the X colorful that appears, already it is possible to perceive the beauty of the colors. It can, since the screen of 3,7 480 counts has x 800 pixels of resolution and is constructed in AMOLED. Touching in its surface, the thing alone improves. The reply of the sensible screen to the capacitive touch it is of first, catching all the details of the lesser movement of the fingers.

But what more it makes an impression in the Nexus One it is its speed. To open applicatory, to sail in web, to take a walk for the areas of work, to write, everything is made with an almost instantaneous reply, effect of its Snapdragon processor, the Qualcomm, 1 GHz. To attend the videos in the YouTube also is a case to the part, joining the beauty of the screen with the rapidity of the processor.

After all this babação, you it must be if asking: “then it is really one superphone, as the Google says”. We believe that to create a new category, with a pretensioso name as this, it is not the ideal for the Nexus One. It does not have nothing accurately revolutionary, but he uses everything that the current technology has of better, since the operational system Android 2,1, passing for the screen of AMOLED and the processor.


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