Friday, April 9, 2010

Super fertile, the PowerShot family of Canon finishes to increase its offspring with six new cameras: G11, S90, SX20 IS, SX120 IS, SD980 IS and SD940 IS. The G11, photo above, will substitute the G10. It has resolution of 10 MP, LCD of 2,8 counts, zoom optic of 5 times and system Dual Anti-Noise. She must arrive at the market in October with price of 499, 99 dollars.

The S90 also has resolution of 10 MP, but it comes with a short while bigger LCD, of 3 counts, zoom optic minor of 3,8 times and lower price also - 429,99 dollars.

SX20 IS takes off the breath with its megazoom of 20 times and capacity to record 720 videos of pixels with speed of 30 frames for second. It has resolution of 12,1 MP and display of 2,5 counts. Everything for the price of 399,99 dollars. Already modest SX120 IS, that costs 249,99 dollars, has resolution of 10 MP, LCD of 3 counts, zoom optic of 10 times and feeding for alkaline stacks.

In four different colors, compact SD980 Has 12.1 MP, sensible screen to the touch of 3 counts, way of writing in 720p and zoom of 5 times. Its relative next, SD940 IS alone is different in the size of the normal screen, 2,7 counts and in zoom of 4 times. They will be vendidas, respectively, with labels of 329,99 dollars and 299,99 dollars


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