Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Lenovo disclosed to way Twitter three new products. Between them, the Nettop Q110 is what more flame the attention for the miniature size and the use of the graphical platform Ion, of the NVIDIA.

Beyond it I appeal for the part the size, with 1,7 centimeters of thickness, placing the newness in the panteão of the PCs finest of the market, the Q110 will not leave to desire in the hour of the videos. With the Ion, it obtains to twirl in good a great part of the games and the videos. Even therefore, an exit HDMI of 1080p consists in magricelo.

In the remaining portion of the configuration, the Q110 is stops backwards if comparative with the version of the proper NVIDIA, that already passed this way, it remembers? The version of the Lenovo has 2 GB of memory RAM and 250 GB of HD, while already the Brazilian Ion has 3 GB of RAM and 250 GB.

It also has one design descoladinho, and there he depends if you like or not these drawings. There it are, the Q110 starts to be vendido in U.S.A. for 349 dollars.


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