Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vaio X weighs half MacBook Air

For who notebook to be lighter and estiloso of what the MacBook Air found impossible one, Sony disclosed, during the IFA, its new notebook ofthe Vaio family, Vaio X. and believes, it more obtains to be finishes, lighter minor and.

Vaio X scares of so finishes. While the MacBook Air has 1,9 centimeter of thickness and the Adamo has 1,6 centimeter, new notebook of Sony obtains to live in anoréxicos 1,4 centimeter. In the part of the weight, while magrelo of Dell has 1,8 kilo and the Air has 1,3 kilo, Vaio X obtains to have incredible 680 grams. But calm there, as this is possible?

Some points of this new notebook can explain so great the slightness. First: different of the cited competitors above that they have 13,3 counts of screen, Vaio X has screen of 11,1 counts. Another decisive factor is its construction in carbon fiber. E an important final detail is that Vaio X transits between netbook and notebook. Beyond the reduced size of screen, it will have to twirl with Atom processor, something not very empolgante - it is alone to remember the result of Vaio P.

Sony also promises a duration is of the common standards for the battery of Vaio X. To have an idea, the staff of Sony arrived to use the term “battery of one day entire”. The price of the newness is a mystery, and all we fear the high quão it can be. In more, Vaio X must arrive in U.S.A. in October, twirling Windows 7.


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