Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The NVIDIA passed one year saying that still it had many things between netbooks and smartphones, then is there: here it is first smartbook based in the Tegraplatform. But, and there, this new category of computers is pure balela or has skill of that it goes to be the new wave of the mobile Internet?

Shown yesterday during an event of the company in São Paulo, the equipment of the photo above is the Mobinova Élan, with similar screen of 8,9 counts and design to the one of one minilaptop - the only difference, in the truth, is the joint of the battery, that, when pulled for low, it leaves to the sample two doors USB and a HDMI.

Now, on the inside, the toy does not have nothing to see with one netbook. First, because it uses the processor Tegra 600, of 650 MHz, that comes folloied for 256 MB of RAM and SSD of 16 GB. It has Wi-Fi g, modem 3G inlaid and Bluetooth. Second, because the operational system is not Windows XP, and yes the old CE (you pray, why not Android).

Calm, we are not coming back to the time of handhelds. The interface that you see seems those programs of fast beginning used in some netbooks. It is a good one to attend videos, to control the calendar and, mainly, to sail in web. Therefore it is, the NVIDIA gave to an aggressive step route to the cloud.

At least it has two good arguments: as it consumes little energy, the battery of three cells aguenta 10 days rolling videos in 720p, 25 days touching musics and two months hibernando, it guarantees the manufacturer. That is, you could use the product as cellular, a always on one. To another one he bets is in the low price. The idea is to vender smartbook in Brazil for 700 Reals, unblocked, or even of favour, in the plan of some operator.

The dream of the NVIDIA is to bring the toy to the country before the Christmas and placing it in the shelves of the operators of cellular. The company already is negotiating with the four great ones of Brazil and also with national integrators.


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