Friday, April 23, 2010


THE SONY PlayStation comes in a few forms, but one new model could revolutionise the way its fans play and buy games.

The PSPgo is the most radical change to the PlayStation Portable since its arrival in 2005.

The games machine, due in stores on October 1, is not only alarmingly smaller and lighter than its predecessors, but it now has a slide-out panel for game controls, compatibility with wireless headphones, new controls, and software to transfer your music, videos and photos to it.

But the PSPgo also features one fundamental change: it has no room for game discs or cartridges. This slender machine instead has a 16GB memory for players to fill with game downloads.

So will hand-held gaming fans go for the new Go system? Connect secured an advance issue of the new mini console and put it to the test.

Small form
PLAYSTATION Portable fans have seen the PSP shrink in size before.
Sony shaved 19 per cent off the original model in 2007, and added a microphone and screen brightness to the hand-held console last year.

The PSPgo, however, is not an incremental makeover. Side by side, the two machines look like brothers of different ages.

Sony says the new PSP is 43 per cent lighter than before, and at 158g it is only as heavy as some smartphones.

But the most immediately noticeable change is to its form. The PSPgo looks at least a third smaller than its predecessor and it has a footprint similar to an iPhone. It now genuinely slips into a pocket for easy travel.

The new form is not just smaller, though. Like a mobile phone, its screen slides up to reveal game controls. Thankfully, the new PSP has such a solid build this addition does not feel flimsy.


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