Thursday, April 22, 2010

It is for arriving in U.S.A. new a cellular one of Samsung for who wants to contribute with the environment. E Samsung Reclaim, green in allthe aspects, is not so basic thus.

If you to give one looked in boards today, you will see green the new INFO on gadgets. There, you will see that we test the Motorola W233, that, exactly being friend of the nature, you are cellular an extremely simple ones and with few resources. Already Samsung Reclaim has keyboard QWERTY, connection 3G, camera of 2 MP and Bluetooth 2.0.

To be green, the cellular one has 80% of materials recycle - no word on the others 20% - does not come with manual printed matter and the ink of the box is made the soy oil base. It can come in the colors blue or green. We believe that second he will venderá more.

Another good part is that, at least in U.S.A., the Reclaim goes to arrive baratinho. In a contract of two years with the Sprint, you it takes for house the cellular green for 50 dollars. That is, of the one to be friend of the nature and not to spend as much money thus.


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