Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New gadget of the Parat's Parasync is one of these annihilators of handles and possibly friend of the DJs. This station of recharge iPods connects 20 at the same time.

Beyond the easiness to recharge of a time 20 iPods without being running behind the bendito white handle, all the hardwired devices appear listed for you in iTunes. That is, it forgets the CDs or vinyl records, its setlist for a party will be all making in iPods.

It connects iPods nano of the fourth generation, iPod Touch, iPod Classic and iPhones. The problem is that in the hour to buy, you will have that to specify that connecting wants, since the Parat Parasync does not use a universal connector of iPods.

Users of PC also cannot commemorate very. The mark says that the station alone functions right in Macs, alleging that the PCs has difficulties with the excess of connections, causing errors in entrances USB. For sadness, no signal of price was informed.


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