Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sony Ericsson Pureness will be “emblematic”

Sony Ericsson is for launching the Pureness, cellular with design incomum, translucent screen and configuration not so empolgante. E, according to proper company, it will not be made for all the mortals.

Month passed, some images and few information on the device already had invaded the Internet. Cellular, although its translucent screen, does not have Wi-Fi, GPS, sensible screen to the touch and all these things that smartphones if debtors feel to have. Now, according to reviewed Brand Republic, that interviewed Cathy Davies, the director of marketing of Sony Ericsson, the Pureness comes there.

Cathy counted to the magazine that the cellular one will start to be vendido in November for 530 pounds in the Selfridges, an English department store, and “store of design”. If not yet it gave pra to understand what it wanted to say, the complete director saying that the Pureness is “a cellular one for an emblematic niche, does not stop the mass market”. It must be therefore that the spreading images were full of estilosa people.


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