Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ProBook 5130m, of the HP, is finishes, but powerful

For who it found very heavy the Envy line for the pocket, the HP also announced the ProBook 5310m, that the company more swears to befinishes notebook of high perfomance of the world.

The explanation is simple: this laptop of 13 counts has 2,2 centimeters of thickness. We already saw great disputes of scale with the Adamo, the MacBook Air, the future Vaio X, but the majority of them not empolga in the configuration. Already this magrelo of the HP can even come with the 2 Cores Duo, something impossible for the other anoréxicos.

The ProBook has a beautiful finishing in black color and starts to be vendido in U.S.A. day 22 of September, with labels of 699 dollars and Windows 7 twirling.


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