Friday, April 16, 2010

The USB Unifying Receiver, of the Logitech, is ideal for who has few available doors USB, wants to connect all the peripherals ofa time and also it does not like very it Bluetooth.

The newness, of the size of a currency, is a simple and direct adapter: working with the keyboard wireless K350 and K340 and with mouses without wire M705 and M505 - obviously all of the Logitech and announced today also - the teeny one is ideal for notebooks and netbooks with few doors, small touchpads and keyboards.

Each new mouse and keyboard will come with the adapter. For 50 dollars, you it can choose between a keyboard (K340) or one mouse (M505). The other keyboard (K350) will leave for 60 dollars, while mouse bacana (M705) will cost 70 dollars. This only in the month that comes in the Europe or 2010 in America. We wait.


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