Saturday, April 17, 2010

Month at the American store, the BDP-CX7000ES MegaChanger, considered mustarrive in this top enters players of Blu-Ray of Sony.

With the proposal to organize its collection of films, this royalty of Blu-Ray to player is capable to store and to touch up to 400 archives of Blu-Ray, DVD or COMPACT DISC. Equipped with the Gracenote technology, the system automatically saved information of the film as managing, synopsis, heading and year.

Moreover, the MegaChanger wheel films in 1080p, with audio entrance of analogical of 7,1 canals. It has entered HDMI and makes upscaling of DVDs. The device also comes with integrated Wi-Fi.

It will be available in the United States for the price of 1 900 dollar still this month. Not yet he has forecast of the arrival of it in Brazil.


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