Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cellular MotoCubo, one mini

The cellular one of Motorola arrived at the new INFOLAB, the MotoCubo A45. E its proposal is clear and direct: to reach the young public who likes to change much SMS and that still he fits in the pocket, in the two felt.

People already had played a little with the MotoCubo last week, and today alone we prove what we imagined: for its proposal, the MotoCubo makes the service well. With different format, it fits closed in the palm of the hand. But it is alone to slide keyboard QWERTY that it increases he compels and you to use a keyboard loucamente.

The idea of the MotoCubo remembers to Samsung Scrapy and the LG Messenger GT360. That is, cellular with more acceptable price, simple interface and easiness to have access social nets and messages of text. The difference of the MotoCubo is the format, with a different QWERTY of the competitors. But a common thing to all: to become them cheap, connection saw EDGE is the only exit.

Drawn other of the MotoCubo is applicatory for Google Maps and orkut, created in partnership with the proper Google, what it becomes easy the access still more. If four clicks are excessively for you, of pra to enter in orkut pressing two keyboard keys in this cellular one.

It still has camera of 2 megapixels and card of expandable memory of 2 GB stops up to 32 GB. The cellular one still goes to make the garotada one to be friend of the environment, since it has 25% of done materials of recycled bottles PET. As the idea is to not only fit in the pocket for the size, of pra to take the MotoCubo unblocked for 549 Reals. Acceptable, not?


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