Thursday, May 27, 2010

Philips places LED in the Golden TV and 3D in archetype

For some mysterious reason, Philips is trying to steal the attentions today. After to disclose its archetype of TV of 56 countswith 3D, it finishes to present the third generation of charmosíssima tevê Golden.

Without date still marked to arrive at the market, new the Golden one repeats some characteristics of the previous model, as to show videos in 1080p, but with the differential to pack 250 LEDs. Lindíssima (in my opinion), it has display of 42 counts, five entrances HDMI, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. In accordance with the manufacturer, it must arrive at the market “soon”.

Already the Cinema 21:9 version 3D (still without official photo) must be launched in the next year, when, by the skill, the jettison for a race for 3D between the companies will be given. It does not believe? Then, Sony today also informed that 3D in 2010 will estreará a TV. It wants to bet who goes to be the first one?


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