Monday, May 31, 2010

Toshiba announces its first Blu-ray

The Toshiba confirmed the arrival of its first tocador of Blu-ray in history. The cause of the delay was the appositive one of the mark in the HD-DVD. Como was of if to imagine, they already had moved of idea. E wants to also modify the parameters of price in the market of Blu-ray.

Baptism of BDX2000, player has exit HDMI with support 1080p in 24 frames for second and supports BD-Live 2.0. It also reproduces archives DivX HD and AVCHD. In the summary, the newness is a tocador as the majority. But and the price? There it comes to such drawn of the Toshiba.

To try to take off the years of delay that the mark lost because of the HD-DVD, the Toshiba it wants to still arrive kicking the door of the market this year. In U.S.A., the BDX2000 will be vendido by 250 dollars, about 460 Reals. E is this that all we want, collapse of prices.


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