Wednesday, August 4, 2010

In the search for more unglued products and that they are commented in the more improbable social wheels, the HP a version limited ofits new notebook, the Envy will venderá, in partnership with the singers Dr. Dre and Stammering Lady.

We believe that Envy in itself already was something well unglued, since it seems to be notebook that more he remembers the aluminum MacBook Pro, one of best laptops that already they had passed this way. E this for not only is in its ideal keyboard or the finishing of first, but also on the inside, since it counts on the two Cores i7 and shelters SSDs. Exactly thus, the HP wants more.

Therefore, rapper Dr. Dre and Stammering the Lady singer will be part not only of the advertising campaign of the mark, but also launching a HP limited, baptized Envy of 15 Envy Beats. If you found the new Vivienne Tam fofinho excessively for you, this new Envy you must please, in a full black version of style and one soon red one in its carcass.

The HP did not want to say to the price, nor limited quão it is, but we bet some fiches that it will be alone in U.S.A.


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