Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Asus already is with all engatilhado to launch its to e-Reader at the beginning of 2010. E the newness would have something well different: WiMAXconnection.

According to mark, will be two options. One of 6 counts and another one of 9 counts, both with sensible screen to the touch and format with two screens, as a same book. But the great one launches of the newness will have to be in the part of the connections. Beyond the Wi-Fi, e-Readers will have WiMAX connection, that not yet it caught of time, but is well quicker than the current standards.

Of the one to perceive that nobody wants to lose a slice of the cake in the market of e-Readers, that it only tends to grow in the next years. E the Asus intends to catch its piece with cherry and everything from March of 2010.


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