Sunday, October 24, 2010

Now you go to be able even though to record images in high definition under of agua. The Sanyo finishes to launch the VPC-WH1, cameracapable to record videos with resolution of 720p (1280x720p) to a speed of 30 pictures for second in a depth of up to three meters. The device also takes off photos of 2 MP (1600x1200).

The camera records videos in format MPEG4 and AVC/H.264. The configurations include zoom optic of 30x, flash with reach of 4m, 2.5 screen of” and resource of face detector. The VPC-WH1 still possesss sensory CMOS, that have as main characteristics the low consumption of energy and its possibility to minimize the incidence of noises.

With its exits in HDMI, the camera it obtains to directly show videos in HD for the television. The VPC-WH1 also has USB 2,0 to carry through transference of archives. According to manufacturer, its hard battery up to three hours.

The price of the camera in Brazil is esteem in R$2.999, 00.


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