Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This week, here in Brazil, was only said of the devices with Android that are for arriving at the store. But it are there appeareda competitor of iPhone made use to abocanhar a gigantic slice of the market of smartphones being used, let us say, the same weapons that Apple - it is the Lenovo OPhone.

The brazen copy, also in the interface, uses a developed operational system from the Android for the China Mobile operator. The model comes, still, with that basic package of 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, sensible camera of 5 megapixels, telona of 3,5 counts to the touch and versions with 8 and 16 GB of internal memory.

Why the Lenovo believes this geringon├ža? Good, China Mobile possesss a wallet with nothing less than 498 million subscribers. Therefore, the company intends to gain 50% of the market of smartphones in the period of three the five years.

If it goes to obtain to emplacar, is difficult to know, but a giant of computer science must not have been maluca of the day for the night. To have an idea, the competitor China Unicorn intends to vender 3 million iPhones for back in the next year.

If the battle to be in the price, the Lenovo seems to have great trunfo: the cost of production of its OPhone is of 200 dollars. With subsidies of the operator, the value can fall still more. E there, if the toy was not all in Mandarin, you would buy?


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