Saturday, October 30, 2010

Using to advantage that the subject of the day is Windows 7, Microsoft gratuitously disponibilizou a series of done subjects to size for the new version of the operational system. In the PersonalizationGallery, that is inside of the official site of the company, the user can choose between sets of ten of options. They are, basically, two collections. One of them is inspired in famous marks, as Ferrari, Zune, Bing or Coca Glue. To another one it is inhaled in countries and until Brazil it was homaged with a special subject.

Not yet it has Windows 7 installed in its machine? Then it uses to advantage the destined borders wallpapers and gadgets, that they present downloads that they function in any version of the operational system. It uses to advantage the tip and it gives that one developed in its Windows!

It wants to know Windows 7 better? Then click in links below and attends reviews that already we made of the new operational system. It sees it waits what you!


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