Monday, September 13, 2010

The new youngling of the family and Nokia, the E72, finish to give the faces in the Europe. In Brazil, smartphone already was homologated by the Anatel.

As we count, it has some months, ca├žulinha comes with a camera of 5 MP. With this, it of the one pedala in the brother oldest, the E71, whose resolution of the camera is of only 3,2 MP. But, it still perpetuates the tradition of ancestor, and he does not come with sensible screen to the touch. The newness is a micron touchpad.

The E72 incorporates a compassing and possesss fast access to the services of instantaneous message, as MSN and Gtalk. It is equipped with earphones of 3,5 millimeters and has supported nets HSDPA with speed of until 10.2Mbps.

The Anatel homologated the E72 in 15 of October, but, for the time being the site of Nokia does not inform when it must arrive at Brazil. But in the “Old World”, it is being vendido for 350 euros.


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