Saturday, October 23, 2010

Repeating what it happened in the international market, Samsung arrives in Brazil before Sony Ericsson with a cellular one with resolution of 12 MP, Pixon 12. The forecast is that Samsung Pixon 12 emboneque the brazilian shelves already in November. The Satio, of Sony Ericsson, only arrives in December - as we count yesterday this way.

The camera-phone of Samsung has sensible screen of AMOLED to the touch of 3,1 counts, xenon flash and angular great lens of 28 millimeters. In accordance with the manufacturer, it is capable to record with quality of DVD in a resolution of the 720 for 480 pixels 30 frames for second.

Prominence for the controls of focus for touch. It is enough automatically to touch any point in the screen and it foca. Pixon 12 possesss, still, a processor of 800 MHz, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and integrated receiver of GPS.


It will be vendido by 1 899 Reals.


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