Friday, September 17, 2010

The reply of Sony Ericsson to iPhone it arrives at Brazil with a certain delay, but in time for the purchases of the Christmas. Smartphone Soundy Ericsson Satio (before called Idou) will estreará at the beginning in the brazilian shelves of December.

The Sony Ericsson appositive that its characteristics will make much success this way. Also it is not for less. Bonitinho has camera with resolution of 12,1 MP with xenon flash, technology of stabilization of images, system of face recognition and smiles, beyond geographic marking.

Measuring 11,2 for 5,5 for 1,3 centimeters, it comes with sensible screen to the touch of 3,5 counts, format 16:9 and has supported accurate the 16 777 216 colors. In the question conectividade, the Satio makes pretty - it comes with 3G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The operational system is Symbian.

The Satio also promises to be discrete. In case that it shows an alert telephonic call or at moments inapropriados, it you will silence the peak if to only pass the hand in the lens of the camera.


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