Friday, September 3, 2010

iPhone cellular is unglued, bacana, a intuitivo one, has a sensible screen to the bacana touch. E from there? It has who likes that one physical tecladinho QWERTY. To join these two worlds, iTwinge in iPhone.

The loving ones of iPhone more radical already must be with hatred alone of looking at for the photo. “It offends! They burn! They burn the keyboard sorcerer! ”, they say. They are calmed, noblemen friends. Beyond some citizens to prefer a physical keyboard that one apertadinho virtual of iPhone, the Mobile Mechatronics, producer of iTwinge, swears that tecladinho increases the speed of writing in up to 40% and reduces the errors in up to 70%. Tempting, not?

Moreover, it weighs only 28 grams. Of the one not to feel in such a way the difference after to connect iTwinge, certain? That is, if you tan a Blackberry, a Nokia, but she wants because she wants one iPhone, of the one to give to a trick with this tecladinho of 30 dollars.


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