Saturday, August 21, 2010

It is difficult to admit. But it is fact: our adorable electronic brinquedinhos are, yes, villainous pentelhos of the environment. As (obviously) of the onenot to exclude them of our life, the skill is to try to minimize this effect. The Power Smart Tower, of iGo, is a good tool for this. It cuts, in the taking, the energy of gadgets vampires.

For gadgets vampires understand those that continue sucking energy, exactly when do not need more than it. E those enter all here that are in way stand by. Thus, to each 30 minutes the Power Smart Tower makes sweepings in the net to check if on devices it really lack of energy.

If not to need, automatically it binds the Green way and it pauses the electron release for the bichinhos. Half hour later, makes new monitoramento and, if some to need, reactive it the energy feeding.

The device of 9,9 for 6,1 for 29,2 centimeters packs eight taking and two doors USB to load its gadgets. It already is being vendido in the site of iGo for the price of 79,99 dollars.

While you read this post, representatives of more than 190 countries estã0 in the Denmark trying to define goals to dribble the global heating. If you are following the notice of Green Technologies, already she must have noticed that the fight is incited back in Copenhagen. But, while the governing duelam its proper interests in the COP15, I have the philosophy (cliche, however valid) of that “each one has that to make its part”. To opt to green initiatives as this always is a good business in times of as many forecasts pessimistic for the environment.


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