Saturday, November 13, 2010


The LG wants to conquer the millions of Chinese users of cellular with plus one smartphone. One is about the GW880, that counts on a respect screen and new queridinho of the operational systems, the Android.

Knowing of the size of the screen (3,5 counts) and having played little time behind with the Huawei Pulse, we can say that the Android twirling in one telona thus is very amused. E it still is in the format Wide VGA, with something around 800 for 480 pixels. E also rolls a camera of 5 megapixels, to follow the parrudo standard “smartphone” of the 2009 end.

Chinesinha when moving in the GW880 only sees the face of happiness of this

To the Chinese, the happiness comes when discovering that it will have supported to the TD-SCDMA and the CMMB. Not, we are not speaking Mandarin, this means respectively that it will have access to 3G Chinese and the digital TV of the country. Penalty that they had not yet liberated the price for terms a minimum of idea of how much will cost. E the GW880 does not have tickets bought for none another market for the time being.


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