Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Telephonic one showed to natalino its gadget today. With focus in who it has electronic of surplus in house, the Orby it wants to join the residential devices and still to make the function of television of the kitchen of the future, with a face of a certain product of Apple.

The idea of the Orby is “to connect the digital house”. E what devils this means? According to Telephonic it launches, it is to create an interaction between the device and the computer, the TV with connection to the Internet, smartphone etc, for exchange of content. This everything saw Wi-Fi.

But and who does not have this world of gadgets that they costumam to weigh in the pocket? Good, the Orby makes its jugglings there. The interface, based clearly in iPhone, has some letters in the sleeve, as access to Land TV, the notice the Estadão, the content of Veja São Paulo, to the drawn radios of the Sonorous one and other applicatory ones specifically for it.

Interface of the Orby: icons in the biggest style iPhone

Interface of the Orby: icons in the biggest style iPhone

E, yes, desenvolvedor friend, if have applicatory, have a set free SDK. As the idea is to follow the steps of iPhone exactly, the Telephonic one wants to create a net of desenvolvedores of applicatory and until opening its proper App Store. For this, it will give until some prizes in money for best apps created during the Campus Party 2010.

The detail that almost passes beaten is that the Orby functions as telephone. Yes, it comes with a device hardwired to the screen of 7 counts and, when buying it, a new number of telephone is created. Speaking in the screen, it she is capacitive and it has a good reply to the touch.

To twirl in a good one, they had placed a processor Intel Atom embarked in the device. But nobody knew to still inform which model is used. E it counts on a loudspeaker in the inferior part to hear a sound or to telephone with the alive voice. Same E wanting to be wireless, the Orby depends on a taking to function, without having internal battery.

E if you are thinking about who you would have this ready digital house for a Wi-Fi convergence with pitadas futuristas, us you can say at least who you are the target of the Telephonic one: costing 1,799 Reals, them they had left well clearly that the initial public-target will have high purchasing power.


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