Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Extreme coloring, the cellular Corby, of Samsung, was born with pretensions to fall in the taste of galerinha of 15 the 20 years. But I, that already I passed a bit of this age, also found it sufficiently interesting.

E, yes, I admit: my encantamento basically must to design gracious of the cellular one and to the fact of that it comes with four different colors of cover (black, white, orange and pink) that they can easily be changed. Nothing more tempting of what to combine cellular with the stock market or the clothes. Ok, pardon for the moment mulherzinha.


Let us come back, then, to the part serious (and extreme important) of gadget. The Corby measures 10,3 for 5,6 for 1,2 centimeters, possesss sensible screen to the capacitive touch of 2,8 counts, camera of 2 MP with system of recognition of smiles and panoramic images.

It possesss applicatory for social nets as Facebook, but he does not have Wi-Fi or 3G. The connection is saw EDGE same. It comes with Bluetooth, MP3 Player and dictionary Collins of loaded English-Portuguese.


The Corby already is available in the store for the price of 599 Reals.


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