Sunday, October 24, 2010

Samsung will launch in the end of the year here in cellular Brazil an ecologically correct one and with configurations that do not leaveto desire until the most demanding ones. The device calls Blue Earth, and will be vendido by approximately R$ 950.

Gadget all is made of recycled bottles pet. Account with a solar panel that, after 1 hour displayed to the solar rays, allows to the user 16 minutes conversational, and still keeps cellular on in the way stand-by for up to two hours.

The resources of the device sufficiently also please: the screen of 3 counts is sensible to the touch, and the camera of 3 MP. Cellular disponibiliza Wi-Fi connections, 3G, Bluetooth and GPS.

Curiosity of the Blue Earth: it has a applicatory one in the device that, while you walk the foot for the streets, it enters its steps and calculates the amount of Co2 that left of being emitted by the fact of the car to have been in the garage.


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